How to pitch new silicon to a system company: knowing the timing and the process are key ingredients for success.

Since I’ve been on both sides of the table when it comes to buying/prospecting or selling/pitching silicon components, I want to put down some thoughts about how things work out timing and process wise such that the buyer is most receptive to the pitch.

Some key steps are:

  • Understand the product release date. There are many companies that release their products at a known time of the year. For some it is Christmas time, for others it’s more dependent on a season of the year. Yet others are in regulated markets, and they are less sensitive to any particular consumer seasonal behavior. Whatever it may be, you need to figure out your target system company’s product release schedule.

There are more considerations that come to mind, but I hope the list above at least provides a quick way to help silicon suppliers do a basic check for each opportunity on their list, and helps you prioritize accordingly. It is always in everyone’s best interest in our electronics ecosystem that system and silicon suppliers have the most efficient deployments of their products so we can continue earning a living and making great products for the consumer.

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At we specialize in managing custom silicon engagements with our battle tested process. Custom system silicon when done with the assistance of silicon experts puts the system company in control of its own destiny. Hiring silicon experts full time at your company may not be reasonable due to insufficient continuous work for them, and that is why provides you a solution so that you can engage with chip suppliers on custom silicon programs and mitigate all the risks associated with it.

Developing custom silicon can have huge benefits from an economic, engineering and market perspective for system companies, but it takes a structured and detailed approach to ensure proper take off and a successful landing. Don’t hesitate to contact us at for any further questions, or help you may require.


  1. Hardware engineers speak in code: EVT,DVT,PVT Decoded by Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

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